What Serial Entrepreneurs Do

Juwon Lawal Razaq
4 min readSep 26, 2022

Being a serial entrepreneur is never easy. Building a business takes a lot of drudgeries, and triumph requires consecutive exertion, but it must be sustainable and repeatable.

As your alliance grows, it becomes challenging to prevail on top of everything that requires to get done, and this is why it is imperative to set aside a juncture each day to contemplate what you’re doing.

Keep Trying: The Key to Success

As a serial entrepreneur, it’s vital to remember that the key to success is to keep trying, learn from your letdowns, and attempt again.

Remember that there are a lot of opportunities when starting a business: you can start with frivolity but an idea and no money, or you can go through the funding process before starting your guild. Either way, one thing remains invariant: you must keep going! Never stop even if things don’t go your way, and always keep in mind that no one wins if they quit in the middle of the race.

Approach: Be Agile and Flexible

In the life of a serial entrepreneur, one must be agile and flexible in their approach to entrepreneurship. If you get stuck on one inference or are terrified to alter your procedure because of your ego, it’s time for a reinvigorated conception. Remember, the most prosperous entrepreneurs learn from their blunders and change their assertions about what operates for them as time goes on — and this can transpire very quickly.



Juwon Lawal Razaq

Founder of Africent Group ( www.africentgroup.com) Member, Forbes Business Council , Member Commonwealth Entrepreneur’s Club.