The world is going through a lot right now and with some businesses on the verge of collapse, there seems to be a growing need for adaptation to the times. And while this seems to be a good idea, just by thinking about all the benefits, a lot of consideration goes into it. Executing the change takes a lot of strategic decisions to make sure your business can handle the shift and really gain those advantages.

The purpose of a business model is to guide a business to success. Or in simple terms a plan that outline how an organization…

One of the major areas that contribute to any economy is employment. And in Africa, it is a challenge that is yet to be solved completely. It is an ongoing conversation where those that are affected the most are trying their best to engage their various leaders on. On the continent, the youth are plagued with unemployment, because the number of them graduating every year does not match the number of jobs available. Both male and females are affected, and with personal and social pressure to be productive, the youth are getting creative and more proactive about their survival. …

As a serial entrepreneur, it’s not scarce to come across a few instances where people tell you how difficult being an entrepreneur is and why they have not started. Despite the glamour attached to the ‘title’ it indeed is not an easy feat to become one, especially when you feel the odds are against you. But sometimes it is the elementary and avoidable things that stop many from doing what they think they love or bringing that idea to life. Here are a few of my observations that should be avoided.

1. The Fear of Starting

The bottom line is…

Razaq Juwon Lawal

Founder/ CEO at AfriCent Group( Member, Forbes Business Council

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